Thursday, February 4, 2010 | By: Slacker Mom

Under New Management

Isn't that what stores always post when they change things up? Someone else has come in and changed the signs and the paint schemes but really it's the same store on the inside. Well, that's what's happened to my blog.

I watched "Julie & Julia" the other night and I was inspired to get back to blogging. I was also guilted into finishing unfinished projects. I first started a blog as an exercise in writing. I figured no one was likely to read it but it would give me an outlet for all the random thoughts swirling about in my head while I worked on my writing skills. Well you know what happens. Life. I went from visiting blogs and facebook every day to trying to remember to check my email once a week. I make no promises that I will be anymore faithful, only that I will try.

Are my blogs filled with humorous anecdotes and observations? Have I gone through touching experiences that you can relate to? Do I have wisdom and insight to share with you? The answers to these questions are "no, no and yeah, right".

I write purely for me. I write about life in the way I see it, which I'm discovering is a little bit skewed from the way most people see it. And I crack myself up if no one else so I'm not too concerned with being funny.

So here it is, the new and improved blog from yours truly. I may blog several times a day, I may forget to blog for a week. I write to an unseen audience and hope you enjoy the ride.


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