Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | By: Slacker Mom

What Happens in Vegas?

When it comes to travel destinations, I tend to lump them into two different categories. There are the places that I'm dying to see and experience, the ones that if I never get to visit them in my lifetime I will feel like I've missed out. These are the dream destinations. Then there are the places that I would go to because I feel like I have to. You know, the ones that just seem to be a place that every American should be able to say they've been to. These are places like Mount Rushmore or New York City or almost anywhere in South America. These destinations I like to think of as tourist spots. Sometimes I think the sole purpose in traveling to them is to be able to say, "Been there, done that. Check it off my bucket list."

Some of the places I count as my dream destinations are the African Savannah (or a nicely controlled game park would suffice), a Scottish castle, the water canals in Venice, and some place that is warm, tropical and has that beautiful, crystal clear, sapphire blue water that I believe only exists in screen savers.

Among my list of tourist spots is Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. I've never had any burning desire to go there. I don't drink, don't gamble, have no interest in shows and I'm actually offended by the commercials that tout "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." So when I found out we would be traveling there in May, you can imagine my surprise in discovering how excited I was by the idea.

It just hit me why I get that burst of energy in anticipation of the day. This will be our first truly adult vacation since we've had the kids. We took a trip to Puerto Vallarta for our one year anniversary and our next trip away didn't occur until about 3 or 4 years ago. We spent a weekend at a cabin by the Sound. It was no Marriott. It wasn't even a Motel 6! But it was just the two of us and it was lovely. Our second vacation occurred 2 years ago when we got the opportunity to visit my family in Virginia for a reunion. We had a great time, but we shared a hotel room and a car with my parents. No offense to my parents since we had a good time with them, but it's just not the same as getting away by yourself.

This trip to Vegas is only for the weekend so we can attend a dear friend's wedding. But there will be no children. We won't be staying at a relative's house. Friends and relatives will be there but they're all adults who are fun to just hang out with. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about traveling. Our only obligation or planned event is the wedding and then the rest of the time there is ours. This is a real, adult vacation. And it's only taken us 14 years to get it!


Trisha said...

That sounds like so much fun! Even if in Vegas. I've always wanted to go, though I don't drink or gamble...I've always heard it's amazing; the shows, shopping (which I'm always very excited to do). I know what you mean about the bucket list. I have lots of those kinds of places on mine! We have a 5th wheel and travel when we can afford it. One day I plan on visiting all 50 states, just to say I've done it! And- I can't wait!
Have a great time in Vegas!!

ParticleJam said...

We've been to Vegas once, and mostly it appalled me. The sights of the people pulling the slot machines with a glassy stare, the constant flashing lights screaming "look here! look here!". If you don't drink or gamble, and don't have the money to shop, there just isn't much for you there. But that said, for some reason I would be happy to go back again. I think it is such a DIFFERENT place from your normal reality that it allows you to escape - even if you don't do any of the things Las Vegas would like you to do. I want to stay in the Luxor. It's such a crazy building, I can't imagine any where else I could go where I could sleep inside a pyramid like that. And I think ultimately that is the attraction of Vegas.

cj said...

I thought it was cause we just saw "The Hangover" and you wanted to finally experience life. I bet we get alot more letters for our business as a bounus.

Sheri Tharp said...

CJ, if we wake up with a chicken or a tiger in our room, I think I will be a little upset.

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