Thursday, April 1, 2010 | By: Slacker Mom

Movie Review: Love Happens

I've fallen behind on my movie reviews so don't be surprised at the sudden deluge of reviews.

"Love Happens" is another predictable chick flick. This one stars Aaron Eckhart as a self-help guru who is touring the country to promote his newest improvement program, this one to help people get over the death of a loved one. His own wife died 3 years ago but it seems that he just hasn't been able to make peace with himself. He can help everyone but himself. Jennifer Aniston comes along as a quirky florist who stirs up interest in Eckhart's character. (Just an aside: What is it about Aniston that makes directors think she would be perfect in "quirky" roles? She's best when she's just an every day woman. Quirky just comes across as awkward on her.) You can pretty much chart this plot from the get go. Being around Aniston and his in-laws forces Eckhart to come to terms with truths and pain that he's been avoiding for 3 years. The self-help master has to find a way to apply his lessons to his own life. As I've said before, I enjoy chick flicks even though they rarely bring anything new. The best part of this movie was that it was filmed in Seattle and I found myself shouting, "I've been there! I know exactly where that's at!"

This is a nice addition to the genre but it won't be remembered in a year. (Does anyone even remember it now?) (***)


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