Tuesday, January 4, 2011 | By: Slacker Mom

Until Next Christmas

The holidays are over and gone, the tree has been tossed into the yard, the ornaments are packed away and the Christmas pies and cookies are settling nicely onto my hips. This year I worked on shipping and delivering frames all the way up to Christmas Eve so the holiday seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. It wasn't until after I tucked the kids into bed on Christmas Eve that I even found the time to wrap any presents and put them under the tree. The lack of gifts had my kids worried to point that they asked me if they were actually getting any presents this year.

But Christmas was a success. Now that I've recovered, I have a few moments to reflect on the season, in particular, a few things I found to be on the wrong side of ridiculous. (My apologies in advance for my less than stellar phone pics.)

This is quite possibly the most obnoxious "Christmas" tree I saw all season. Hot pink? Really? How exactly does that make you feel jolly? Can we just agree to steer clear of trees that aren't green or white flocked?

This beats out the florescent tree. It's a card you can send to your friend and her cat. Her CAT. I don't know what's worse--the person who would actually buy a card for a friend and her cat, or the woman who needs a card for herself and her cat. (And by the way, who at Hallmark greenlights these things?)

But THIS one earns the shiny, bedazzled ascot for the most ridiculous thing I saw. This is a display of VALENTINE'S crap merchandise--only 4 days away from Christmas! It's hard to see but on the left side of the pic are 2 aisles of Christmas decorations. BECAUSE CHRISTMAS HADN'T COME YET! I was still out trying to get my shopping done and they were trying to shove February down my throat? I can get behind all on my own, thank you. I don't need anyone's help. Sheesh!

Despite the over-the-top decorations and highly aggressive selling calendar, I managed to enjoy the season. But I'm curious--what obnoxious or ridiculous things did you see this Christmas?


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