Tuesday, June 17, 2008 | By: Slacker Mom

It's Definitely Never Dull

Had an interesting conversation with Howdy the other day. We have a dog who is not fixed and has been trying to take advantage of our other male dog. My son knows this as "trying to make babies". We've had this discussion already and I thought I had explained all the mechanics clearly. (It's amazing how much you can learn from having pets!) Apparently he either tuned me out or just didn't get it because he was asking questions again. Let me take a moment to share my philosophy on this subject. I've always felt the best thing to do was to be completely honest with my kids when they ask me something (well, age-appropriate honesty). I would much rather they get their answers from me than from the kids at school who probably have no idea what they are talking about. Plus, I figure if I'm open and honest now and don't freak out when I get those oh-so-embarrassing questions then maybe, when they're older, they'll feel like they can come to me with stuff. We'll see how that turns out.
Due to comments that my son was making about our 2 dogs attempting to make babies, I realized that my son needed to hear the facts of life again. With my wide-eyed husband tucked into the far corner of the couch I explained to my son the mechanics of sex and hard-ons and even wet dreams. I figure, he's 9. He will need to know about all this before it happens so he doesn't freak out and think something's wrong with him. It was not the conversation that had played out in my head. It's difficult to act nonchalant when discussing ejaculation with your first-born baby. Sometimes I wonder why in the world I wanted a house full of boys.


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